Kasavin 说明PS3版的暂停开发是由于开发人员集中精力开发PC和360版(因为两者构造相似)。当两个版本发售且开发人员满意作品质量后,他们开始总结经验,投入到PS3版开发中。一个有趣的结果是,在技术方面PS3版本要比360版本要好一些: Kasavin 指出水面效果,大体色调,还有整体美观艺术效果等等都更加完善。为了证明他的观点,他演示了含有日本式的秘密武器的一关,在HDTV上的表现相当震撼。



There are times when I cannot seem to find solution to simple things/problems in games. It is ok to be stuck in a place in a game where the level of the difficulty is high: but what about not able to pass a simple tutorial? : )

Anyway, I just started playing Red Alert 3. I have not much played this game before so I decided to take the tutorial. In the second tutorial, I was given the following task:

Select the Prospector and then click on the special ability button.

Then click on the open terrain [Which you can find at the right hand side, across the water] to unpack it.

Basically the task was to convert prospector into a Command Hub.

This is a tutorial right? So it basically makes things easier for us to understand. But I totally failed to understand what a prospector is? : )

I clicked on different buildings but fail to see this name anywhere. I also failed to understand how to select special ability for buildings/vehicles.

Anyway, after wasting sometime, I finally found that the vehicle that carries supplies from the Ore Mine to the Refinery is called: prospector. Actually the three tanks that are giving us the tutorial, did mention this name but I failed to pick that up in the first go : )

Click on this vehicle and then you need to select the special ability button. You can see this button at the bottom right hand side: in the small menu you can see a big button that is on the left side of the picture of the building/vehicle that you have selected.

Now move the screen to the right: across the water where you can see a small piece of land. Command the truck to go there and then unpack there.