Writing Work Sample 英语写作示范

Writing Work Sample 英语写作示范

Topic标题: Captain James Cook

Text type文体: biography 名人传记

How to Write 如何写:

  1. 阅读有关书籍和查阅有关资料
  2. 打第一篇草稿, 去掉无关的内容, 收集有用的.
  3. 第二篇草稿[提纲], 排列顺序和做结构调整(注意: 不同的文体写作, 用不同的结构处理及选用不同性的单词等等)
  4. 第三篇草稿, 填写内容
  5. 第四篇草稿, 整理并检查错误
  6. 第五篇正稿

Captain Cook (老师提示: 标题居中)

Paragraph 1 首段 (老师提示: 首段要清楚, 明确指出整篇文章的中心)
Background: Who is Captain Cook? When and where was he born? How did he learn the skills?

Paragraph 2 第二段落
His first voyage: When and where did he start? What happened in the duration? When did he go back to England?

Paragraph 3 第三段落
In the second voyage: When did he start ? What was the difference from the last one? What did he discover in this time?

Paragraph 4 第四段落
The third voyage of Cook: What conflict caused Cook’s death?

Paragraph 5
尾段(老师提示: 与首段呼应)
Cook’s scientific and historic contrbution.

Student Work Sample 学生写作范文 (选自NSW 政府教育部的网站)

Topic 标题: Antarctica 南极洲
Text Type文体: Information Report 报告
Achievement Level 评分: Grade A ( 请查看’A-Z评分标准’ )
Student’s Level学生年级: Year 5 五年级
Content 内容:

Antarctica is an icy land mass found at the bottom of the world. It is also the fifth-largest continent in the world. It is located in the Southern Hemisphere and the Frigid Zone.

The climate in Antarctica is unbearable. It is the windiest, coldest and driest place on Earth. The lowest temperature that has been recorded is -89 degrees. That is a freezing temperature! The warmest temperature in Antarctica is 10 degrees.

The land on this frosty continent is 98% of ice and 2% is rock. Antarctica is full of massive icebergs, tall ice shelves and plateaus. Antarctica was once an historic land mass that geologists called Gondwanaland. It was a bigger before but started breaking up throughout the Triassic Period about 205 – 240 million years ago. It drifted apart to make the six continents today.

There are many types of animals that live in Antarctica.




Antarctic is an extremely freezing continent but it is an astonishing place! There are so many fascinating things to learn there! Antarctica may be far, far away at the bottom of the world but it is a place you would want to visit at least once!

Commentary 评语

此学生在写这篇科学报告时, 显示广泛的知识和对于写报告文学的结构及特征的了解. 信息收集地很全面, 文章结构很恰当. 有一个清楚的首段, 各段落都有中心句和详细的资料. 在文章中能运用不同的句子类型, 并描写地很恰当. 无语法, 拼写, 标点符号和大小写错误. 若是要提高这篇文章的水平, 该学生可考虑使用多一些的并列复合句和主从复合句.