Young Samurai

About this book:

Jack was captured by some ninjas/samurai while he crossed Japan to England.He got sent to a ninja trainning at a mountain side.He stayed there with some other beginer ninjas for several days.He learnt the Sixteen Secret Fist with a senior ninja trainer called Miyuki.His sensei told him that water is a very useful weapon.You can hide in there to hide away from your enemy,arrow can be slower when in water and other useful ways.Once,Jack got into a mission with 3 ninjas to scout what plan is a Evil Lord is planning.Jack had been found and been put into a tiny cage for 1 day without eating or drinking.But Jack had escaped from it and found out that the Evil Lord wants to kill every ninja because he knows that a ninja had killed his father.But the Evil Lord can’t find where Jacks ninja training is at.When Jack returned back,everyone celebrated Jack first (1)mission.Then,when Miyuki poured tea into Jack’s drinking cup they discussed what is different between England and Japan like England people don’t drink much tea and that England people don’t have ninjas or samurai but they have knights which protects the castle/kingdom and the king.One Summer day,it was time to harvest to crops.While they were harvesting they got a rest and then suddenly… the Evil Lords army came and found the ninjas and started to attack.But Jack and the other ninjas won but came some armed samurai that the armour is so strong a sword can’t go through it!But suddenly another army of samurai can and attacked the other samurai.But they turned out to be Hanzo’s uncle’s army.But the commander killed Hanzo’s uncle by cutting his head off.’NO!’screamed Hanzo,he ran all the way to the commander who killed his uncle and battle with him while Jack ran over to help him.Then,Jack used the power of:

And,yeah,the ninjas killed all the samurai and Jack stayed there.