Young Samurai

About this book:

Jack was captured by some ninjas/samurai while he crossed Japan to England.He got sent to a ninja trainning at a mountain side.He stayed there with some other beginer ninjas for several days.He learnt the Sixteen Secret Fist with a senior ninja trainer called Miyuki.His sensei told him that water is a very useful weapon.You can hide in there to hide away from your enemy,arrow can be slower when in water and other useful ways.Once,Jack got into a mission with 3 ninjas to scout what plan is a Evil Lord is planning.Jack had been found and been put into a tiny cage for 1 day without eating or drinking.But Jack had escaped from it and found out that the Evil Lord wants to kill every ninja because he knows that a ninja had killed his father.But the Evil Lord can’t find where Jacks ninja training is at.When Jack returned back,everyone celebrated Jack first (1)mission.Then,when Miyuki poured tea into Jack’s drinking cup they discussed what is different between England and Japan like England people don’t drink much tea and that England people don’t have ninjas or samurai but they have knights which protects the castle/kingdom and the king.One Summer day,it was time to harvest to crops.While they were harvesting they got a rest and then suddenly… the Evil Lords army came and found the ninjas and started to attack.But Jack and the other ninjas won but came some armed samurai that the armour is so strong a sword can’t go through it!But suddenly another army of samurai can and attacked the other samurai.But they turned out to be Hanzo’s uncle’s army.But the commander killed Hanzo’s uncle by cutting his head off.’NO!’screamed Hanzo,he ran all the way to the commander who killed his uncle and battle with him while Jack ran over to help him.Then,Jack used the power of:

And,yeah,the ninjas killed all the samurai and Jack stayed there.




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Mr Mao 茅老师


Note: To keep my teaching relevant to your level of study and subject area, I work with your current course materials and supplement these with my own examples and questions. Please note: clear details of what you wish to study must be given before any session so I can tailor my materials accordingly.




针对性: HSC 2U/3U/4U  强化培训,各年级功课辅导,OC班考试,精英中学考试,数学竞赛提高。
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The focused attention in a   one-on-one situation empowers   both student and tutor in a way that is   not possible in the classroom. Goal   setting, positive attitudes,   strengths and weakness can all be controlled,   directed and constantly   monitored.


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帮助学生培养兴趣,提高学习技能,在学习上建立自信,提高他们的考 试分数,发掘他们的潜能。




12 年的数学辅导经验,给许许多多的学生带来了成功。





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: To keep my teaching relevant to your level of study and subject area, I work with your current course materials and supplement these with my own examples and questions. Please note: clear details of what you wish to study must be given before any session so I can tailor my materials accordingly.

Writing Work Sample 英语写作示范

Writing Work Sample 英语写作示范

Topic标题: Captain James Cook

Text type文体: biography 名人传记

How to Write 如何写:

  1. 阅读有关书籍和查阅有关资料
  2. 打第一篇草稿, 去掉无关的内容, 收集有用的.
  3. 第二篇草稿[提纲], 排列顺序和做结构调整(注意: 不同的文体写作, 用不同的结构处理及选用不同性的单词等等)
  4. 第三篇草稿, 填写内容
  5. 第四篇草稿, 整理并检查错误
  6. 第五篇正稿

Captain Cook (老师提示: 标题居中)

Paragraph 1 首段 (老师提示: 首段要清楚, 明确指出整篇文章的中心)
Background: Who is Captain Cook? When and where was he born? How did he learn the skills?

Paragraph 2 第二段落
His first voyage: When and where did he start? What happened in the duration? When did he go back to England?

Paragraph 3 第三段落
In the second voyage: When did he start ? What was the difference from the last one? What did he discover in this time?

Paragraph 4 第四段落
The third voyage of Cook: What conflict caused Cook’s death?

Paragraph 5
尾段(老师提示: 与首段呼应)
Cook’s scientific and historic contrbution.

Student Work Sample 学生写作范文 (选自NSW 政府教育部的网站)

Topic 标题: Antarctica 南极洲
Text Type文体: Information Report 报告
Achievement Level 评分: Grade A ( 请查看’A-Z评分标准’ )
Student’s Level学生年级: Year 5 五年级
Content 内容:

Antarctica is an icy land mass found at the bottom of the world. It is also the fifth-largest continent in the world. It is located in the Southern Hemisphere and the Frigid Zone.

The climate in Antarctica is unbearable. It is the windiest, coldest and driest place on Earth. The lowest temperature that has been recorded is -89 degrees. That is a freezing temperature! The warmest temperature in Antarctica is 10 degrees.

The land on this frosty continent is 98% of ice and 2% is rock. Antarctica is full of massive icebergs, tall ice shelves and plateaus. Antarctica was once an historic land mass that geologists called Gondwanaland. It was a bigger before but started breaking up throughout the Triassic Period about 205 – 240 million years ago. It drifted apart to make the six continents today.

There are many types of animals that live in Antarctica.




Antarctic is an extremely freezing continent but it is an astonishing place! There are so many fascinating things to learn there! Antarctica may be far, far away at the bottom of the world but it is a place you would want to visit at least once!

Commentary 评语

此学生在写这篇科学报告时, 显示广泛的知识和对于写报告文学的结构及特征的了解. 信息收集地很全面, 文章结构很恰当. 有一个清楚的首段, 各段落都有中心句和详细的资料. 在文章中能运用不同的句子类型, 并描写地很恰当. 无语法, 拼写, 标点符号和大小写错误. 若是要提高这篇文章的水平, 该学生可考虑使用多一些的并列复合句和主从复合句.

有关NSW 教学大纲

有关NSW 教学大纲:

  • 有家长问: 澳大利亚的公立学校是否有教学大纲
  • 回答: 有

以下是对NSW政府教育部公布在网上的主要学科( KLA )的教学大纲的部分翻译, 仅供参考



* 倾听并遵照简单的单个步骤的指示做事
* 做简短的讲话和表达思想, 如介绍新闻, 描述一件喜欢的玩具或一只宠物
* 开始发展阅读与理解能力, 如认识简单的常见单词, 熟悉大多数字母发音, 根据插图和图画提示看懂书中的故事
* 根据字母和发音的关系写出简单的单词和拼出已经认识的单词, 如
“d – o – g” — dog
* 写出简单的句子, 如 ” I made a cake. ”
* 在小组内识别有动词和名词的语法句型.
* 开始用Microsoft Word写简单的句子

三年级 Year 3

* 认真听讲并在小组和课堂讨论中与同学交流看法或提供信息, 例如, 熟悉的内容和题材— 生日或体育活动
* 开始阅读一些不太熟悉的材料
* 在读故事时做出推论和预测, 发展理解能力
* 在书写中使用最常见的标点符号, 如句号,大小写.单词之间的空格
* 使用Microsoft Word完成简单的短文, 如故事, 邀请信, 食谱.
* 使用阅读线索理解课文, 如将字母配上语音, 以及将单词断成音节

四年级 Year 4

* 使用各种讲话技能,提高口语表达的自信心
* 开始阅读较难的题材, 如名人传记, 关于一件历史事件
* 发展对阅读的更广泛的反应, 如辩明作者的立场,描述和比较不同的解释, 识别刻板印象和象征意义
* 写出内容较复杂的作文, 例如解释某台机器如何运作, 或某一个自然程序的起因
* 使用多种技能写出结构良好的作文, 如起草 – 修改 – 校对


一年级 Year 1

* 说出两位数字的位置价值, 如 ” 在数字32中, 3代表30, 或3个10 ”
* 开始使用实物模仿乘法, 如3×2=3组,每组2个, 或3排每排2个
* 形容日常生活中半个和四分之一, 如四分之一的橘子, 半杯水
* 开始使用米和厘米估计和丈量长度和距离, 如’我的书长30厘米’
* 正数和倒数每隔2个,5个和10个的数字
* 使用单词 add, plus, equals, is equal to, take away, minus , the difference between

三年级 Year 3

* 发展二位数乘一位数的乘法心算方法.
* 数, 读, 写和顺序排列9999以内的数字
* 识别, 等同和比较分数, 包括二分之一,四分之一, 八分之一
* 解释十分之一和百分之一的小数标志法, 如0.1 = 十分之一
* 识别米, 厘米和毫米, 并以它们为单位衡量物体的长度, 宽度, 高度和周长
* 以平方厘米和平方米记录面积
* 背出10×10以内的乘法
* 组织数据, 制造和解释表格和图表


三年级和四年级 Year3, 4

* 观察并报道一处当地环境, 例如一处公园, 海滩或湿地
* 用小棍,木头,硬纸板, 树皮, 胶水和布料设计和制作模型. 模型可做成早 期移民的草棚, 一处水下世界或一处太空世界.
* 描述植物和动物如何在一个’微型环境’中互相依存, 如一个公园, 游戏场或湖区.
* 研究并记录月亮在一段时期内的变化过程, 并对这些变化提出自己的

Transcript of Chinese 中文翻译

有关家教, 包括以下等范围:

1. 小学全科( K– Yr6 ),以英语和数学为主. 着重基础和循序渐进. 如: 在kindergarten 和 Yr1, 学生应当掌握如何运用字母与发音的关系准确地去拼写自己接触过的的和从未接触过的单词. 这一技能可为他们以后的十几年学习生涯打下结实的基础.

2. 中学数学( Yr7– Yr12 ), 尤其以HSC的2U, 3U和4U为主. 也可辅导数学回家作业及OC,精英的考题

  • 有关咨询服务

我们的家教老师获有NSW教育部的正规评估, 故较熟悉一些NSW公立学校的规章制度(policy)和教学范围等 等. 我们很愿意为家长们提供一些免费的咨询与帮助. 诚挚希望家长们与我们交流.